Why Was The Namirembe Agreement Signed

(3) If the Kabaka is able to perform a function under this Constitution, that function shall be exercised by him, unless otherwise intended, by him by means of a written document signed by him in the presence of a minister, who shall sign him as a witness. He forced the Kabaka to sign a new agreement in which Buganda became a constitutional monarchy, and worst of all, the previously hereditary Kabakaship became an elective office. I have now agreed with the representatives of Buganda Lukiko on the draft of a new Buganda Agreement to supplement and, if necessary, amend the 1900 Agreement. The constitutional powers of the Kabaka are exercised, as far as possible, through the promulgation of written documents signed by the Kabaka and countersigned by a Minister. To sign the final adoption, the laws adopted by the Grand Lukiko are signed by the Kabaka. I hope that this agreement will lead to a better understanding aimed at the general well-being of all concerned. May I also express the hope that this will have an impact far beyond Uganda and Kenya, that it will have an impact throughout Africa, and 720 that it will be a serious desire for the peoples of Africa to work together, to help and to help and never dominate? “Buganda Agreement” means the Buganda Accords from 1894 to l955 and all other agreements concluded in the name of His Majesty with the Kabaka, the Chiefs and people of Buganda or the Government of the Kabaka, but do not contain any Buganda Law or Rules of Procedure issued under this Constitution; 14. (I) Any person who wishes to apply as a candidate for election as a member of the Electoral College must submit to the Chief of Saza, no later than a date fixed by the Katikiro for this purpose, an application in Form “A” annexed to these Rules, which has been signed by him. Chief Muluka of Muluka, where a person who wants to run as a candidate lives, must sign as a witness. (iii) Appointments shall apply to ministerial posts in general and not to a particular ministerial post and shall be made available to the President in writing no later than the date determined by the President on that behalf and by the person or persons executing them.

Provided that: The tasks entrusted to the Kabaka Government are formally defined in a document that enters into force at the same time as the Agreement and contains the Uganda Agreement of 1900, which will be negotiated after the recommendations of this Conference have been adopted by His Majesty`s Government and the Great Lukiko. .