Land Access Agreement Nsw

“ARTC could drill holes anywhere on the land owner`s land, dig 10-metre by 15-metre test pits anywhere on its land, build access roads to these sites, not rehabilitate them, fail to rehabilitate, fail to compensate for condensation problems (on the drill lot and access roads) that result in the loss of production capacity of this country or erosion problems with test pits”. she said. “And landowners can withdraw at any time. Hardie said NSW Farmers has worked hard to prevent information from being disclosed to other parties. “The ongoing work will be unique for the Interior Rail project,” he said. All access agreements should be based on the understanding that explorers are “visitors” to private lands and on the appreciation of the needs and rights of mineral explorers by landowners. Exploration is not mining and does not guarantee that mining will take place in the area to be explored. In fact, few exploration programs actually find economically viable minerals. Nevertheless, exploration ensures a continuous pipeline of mining projects and is essential for the development of mining in NSW and the economic benefits it generates. There is close competition for exploration investments, both domestic and international, and it is important that NSW remains an attractive target for investors. Exploration is the process of searching for mineral resources in the soil. Exploration can be as simple as analyzing rock types and soil properties over vast areas of land, while more detailed studies cover different forms of drilling and excavations in smaller areas.

We have created fact sheets that explain exploration methods in more detail. Exploration licenses are issued by the NSW government. They contain detailed conditions to minimize disturbances caused by exploration. The licensee must also pay a significant deposit to the government, which will only be returned after the rehabilitation is completed. Once a company has obtained an exploration license, it cannot enter a landowner`s land without first negotiating an access agreement. An access agreement defines issues, for example. B where the exploration activities will take place in the territory of the concession, at what times, for how long and under what conditions and what compensation may be paid to the landowner. Exploration licences do not allow mining and do not guarantee the granting of a mining lease. This fact sheet explains exploration for landowners. The NSW Government`s land Access Arrangement for Mineral Exploration and the accompanying Country Access Information Arrangement have been published following extensive consultations between the NSW Minerals Council and the NSW Farmers. The proposal helps explorers and landowners negotiate a land access agreement and can be tailored to the individual needs of both the owner and the explorer. We have also developed a guideline to provide further general information on the submission, as well as guidelines on compensation rates and a draft confidentiality clause.

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