What Is Tashkent Agreement In Hindi

They then went to their respective rooms. About four hours later, lal bahadur shastri reportedly suffered a heart attack around 1:30 p.m. He died there. Arshad Shami Khan has a book – Three Presidents and an Aide: Life, Power and Politics. Arshad writes in this book a story about Shastis` death: the main provisions of the Tashkent agreement are: Kuldeep, sitting next to him during the break, asked him if he liked ballet. Shastri replied very naively that he was ashamed because the dancers had bare legs and that Amma was sitting next to him. He told Amma to his wife Lalita. The Tashkent Agreement was published jointly. The Tashkent conference was organized by the Soviet Russian Prime Minister. It says: “[Please add a quote] Shastriji spoke for the last time to his family that day: January 10, 1966… The day Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri last spoke to his family. He was then in Tashkent and Pakistan called him with the help of the Soviet Union to reach an agreement.

Shastriji first spoke to his daughter. He asked his daughter what the deal was like. The answer was, “It didn`t look good.” Shastriji then expressed his wish to speak to his wife Lalita, but did not receive a call. She was obviously also angry at the agreement with Pakistan. His used a government car and paid money on the salary: Shastriji said he could not compromise in Kashmir because he had promised his countrymen.