Settlement Agreement Divorce Georgia

Once a divorce contract is part of the court`s final judgment and divorce decision, it is binding until it is amended by the court by a subsequent order. Most of the provisions of a divorce agreement can be amended by the parties by a subsequent written agreement ordered by the court. An amendment to a divorce agreement may also be presented as a cause for litigation if the parties fail to reach an agreement. In Georgia, the basic rule is that all marital goods are fairly distributed. In December 1980, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled in Stokes v. Stokes 246 GA 765 (1980). The case concerned the property rights of the parties in a divorce action. The court held that the couple`s marital property should be distributed among them. Each party can retain any property it owned prior to the marriage. It doesn`t matter what the name or name of the marital property is. If the property was acquired after the marriage and is therefore a marital property, it must be distributed equitably. The husband and wife agree that after the divorce or final dissolution of the marriage, the wife has the right to keep her name married or that she also has the right to return to her daughter`s name or her previous first name: – If minor children are involved in a divorce action, both parties must participate in a “parental seminar”. This seminar usually lasts about four (4) hours and deals with issues relating to minor children.

More information about the parents` seminar can be found with the Supreme Court Administrator for the county where the divorce action has been or will be filed. If the woman wishes to return to her maiden name, her “name change” may be given in the final judgment and the divorce decree, without the need to file a separate petition for name change, which requires payment of registration and publication fees. The requirement for an ASS varies from state to state, as well as between counties and courthouses.