Viacord Service Agreement

Canadian families were the first in the world since 2006 to access this HUCPVC umbilical cord technology, which has been marketing TRT technology as PérimTM since 2006, placing TRT and CreATe in the global stem cell community. “Through this agreement between ViaCord and TRT, ViaCord enables only American families to benefit from TRT`s robust and state-of-the-art internationally patented technology,” said Bruce Berckmans, TRT`s vice president of business development. TORONTO, October 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – J. E. Davies, President and CEO of Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics (TRT), today announced an exclusive licensing agreement with PerkinElmer`s umbilical cord blood bank, ViaCord®, which will now offer American families the opportunity to extract tissue stem cells from umbilical cord vessels. The proprietary extraction method is made possible by TRT`s human umbilical cord periivas cell (HUCPVC) technology. The agreement also includes a collaborative research initiative that will focus on the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits of TRT mesenchymic stem cells. “ViaCord has gained a leading position in the study and identification of new applications for stem cell treatments in the clinical environment and is an ideal complement to the robust scientific base we have established at TRT in the MSC field,” said Davies. The initiative aims to produce results that will form the basis of clinical trials of stem cell use in inflammatory joint diseases. Register the service number in your phone and plan to contact us after delivery: 800-998-4226 The terms and conditions of this service agreement define PerkinElmer`s rights and obligations as a supplier to Whole Genome Sequencing, as well as the customer`s rights and obligations as a Whole Genome Sequencing customer. These terms represent the entire agreement between PerkinElmer and the customer under the Whole Genome Sequencing program.