Veeam Enterprise License Agreement

The number of licenses usually required is the number of workloads you want to protect. For most workloads, only one licensing instance is required. The protection of workstations or stop points where a licence protects three workstations is an exception. An VUL license also protects 250GB of NAS file capacity or four TB licenses. With our VUL configurator, you can better see how many licenses you need. Select the product, enter your workloads and the duration of your choice. The common use of source infrastructure between different licences and licensing conditions is prohibited. Customer support level is always by default at the lowest agreed contractual level. For example, if a customer has granted 90% of its licenses for production support and 10% of its licenses to Basic Support, Veeam offers only basic support. Customers can use multiple license keys with different license conditions, but only for separate backup infrastructures (which are defined as not sharing servers or storage between them and protecting different source infrastructures). Veeam centralized Management is not available/authorized for such use cases.

In these cases, customers receive separate license files for each separate backup infrastructure. A workload can be a VM, a physical server, a business application, a cloud VM or file sharing. With VUL, customers can use licenses to protect any workloads needed because the licenses are portable. Customers purchase licenses sold in minimum quantities of 10 licenses and can use them to protect different workloads. For all permanent licenses with soles, Veeam Backup – Replication and veeam ONE-Products, additional FREE licenses may be available for use – one instance per socket with a maximum of 6 gifted instances. This NAS license is only available to Veeam Backup Essentials VUL customers. Support – Maintenance is the level of production, linked to the Veeam Backup Essentials contract. Only source hosts are licensed – hosts with VMs that back you up or replicate you.