Use Of Content Agreement

In addition to the terms of use of Lens Distortions and the Privacy Policy, this agreement represents all terms and conditions that apply to the parties with respect to digital content and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, written or oral, regarding digital content. “Digital content” – the (s) product (s), music and any other digital material that may be allowed on the site. Digital content does not contain product tutorials, advertising videos accessible via the site, or the “Lens Distortions” mobile application, governed by a separate agreement. For the purposes of this contract, “use” means copying, replicating, modifying, modifying, synchronizing, executing, displaying, transmitting, publishing or otherwise using. h. Indication. All messages that must be sent to TinyTorch under this Agreement must be e-mailed to All messages will be emailed to you to the email described in your account. Do I need to add a photo credit? You don`t need to contain photo credit for commercial purposes, but if you use content for editorial purposes, in addition to content or visual production credits, you should credit: “`s member name. B. This is not exclusive, i.e.

you have no exclusive right to use the content. TinyTorch can concede the same content to other customers. Circle Of The Year is a division of iMedia Digital Marketing, Inc. This licensing agreement between you and iMedia Digital Marketing, Inc. explains how to use the physical products, photos, illustrations, vectors, media clips and software applications you have conceded from Circle Of The Year. By purchasing or downloading content from the Circle Of The Year website ( or social media portals from the circle of the year, you accept the terms of this agreement. B. Compensation from you by TinyTorch. Provided that the content is used only in accordance with this Agreement and that you do not violate this agreement otherwise, and that your only remedy is the only and exclusive remedy for any violation of the guarantees covered by Section 9 bis, TinyTorch undertakes, subject to the terms of this section 10, to defend, compensate and compensate you, your mother of a company, its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, as well as each of your respective executives, directors and employees, of all damages, commitments and expenses (including reasonable external legal fees) arising from a violation or alleged breach of the warranty by TinyTorch in Section 9 a).

This exemption does not apply to the extent that damage, cost or loss is due to changes you have made to the content or in the context of your use of the Content. This exemption also does not apply to your continued use of content after notification of TinyTorch or to your knowledge that the content is subject to a claim for violation of third party`s right. If you have a credit license, it means you can share your organization`s content, but the content is only available to one person at the same time. If you don`t buy an extended license, you can`t store content on a server (and give access to content simultaneously to more than one person). c. No stand-alone use of the file. Under no circumstances can you use content that allows others to download, extract or stream content as a stand-alone file (i.e. only the content file itself, separate from the project or end-use). A.

No illegal use. You may not use pornographic, defamatory or otherwise illegal content. You are responsible for tracking all activities for each user account and agree: (1) to preserve the security of all passwords and usernames; 2. Immediately notify TinyTorch of any unauthorized use or other security breaches; and (3) take full responsibility for activities that take place under each user account.