Unrra Agreement

c) When the accounts of the liquidation administrator are transferred to the Organization in accordance with Part I of this agreement, all remaining UNRRA administrative assets are transferred to the United Nations, which may transfer or retain them for their own use. The following agreement, which is now provisionally strong, will be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification. If ICEF is no longer operational at the time of the transfer of assets under this agreement or on the maturity date of these assets, these assets are transferred to other agencies or agencies or are used for the benefit of other agencies that the UNRRA Central Committee may designate in advance. Where the UNRRA Central Committee has not appointed another agency or the agency designated by the UNRRA Central Committee ceases its activities, the Secretary-General of the United Nations designates the Agency that is best placed to advance the objectives for which UNRRA receives contributions from its members. CONSIDERING that the United Nations is ready to assume certain functions and responsibilities entrusted to it by UNRRA under this agreement; and (b) to invite members of the United Nations who have not signed the UNRRA Agreement to join and thus contribute to this great humanitarian mission. No provision in this agreement is interpreted or has the effect of imposing on the Organization an obligation or liability that is not expressly stated in this agreement. One. In accordance with the provisions of this part, UNRRA delegates sufficient resources to the United Nations to ensure that UNRRA`s records and archives are subject to an appropriate condition for conservation for future use, in accordance with previous letters made by the Director-General of UNRRA of 26 January 1948 and by the Unseal Secretary-General and noted in letters-general , of 2 February 1948 (annexed to Schedule II) and, subject to the provisions of this party, it will be placed under the tutelage of UNRRA archives and archives, except that documents held by UNRRA during the liquidation period will be transferred later to the United Nations, as the UNRRA administrator may decide on the liquidation. This agreement is subject to the approval of the United Nations General Assembly.

In the event that the UN General Assembly does not approve this agreement, UNRRA submits to UNRRA an accounting of the sums it uses and returns the unspent balance to UNRRA. b) In the event of the adoption of Part III Plan A, the United Nations may, at the end of the liquidation period, use for its own purposes a space located in the Champlain Street building, which is not required for the work under Parts II and III of this agreement.