Uae Labour Contract Agreement Download

I don`t have a work card, but I want to see my work card status online If you work in the United Arab Emirates and want to check a copy of your employment contract, you can print it online (and even print a copy) via the Ministry of Labour website. Please note that you are provided with a physical copy by your employer. But in case you don`t, for whatever reason, then you`ll be able to see it and print it online. You can also see what type of contract you have, whether it is a limited or unlimited contract. How do I know my work card and contract, I do not both have it If you work in the United Arab Emirates, it is best to familiarize yourself with the conditions mentioned in your employment contract. Instead of removing a printed copy of your work letter every time you want to check a clause, you can simply check your work card in the United Arab Emirates online via the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources – Emiratization) portal. Here is a complete procedure that explains how to check your online employment contract in the United Arab Emirates: Please contact us. We advise you to discuss this with your employer and ask them to provide you with the details of the contract and help you find your card number. For more information and questions, please contact MOHRE at 971-4-607-3555.

– Go to the Mohre site – — Below the page, you see the option “Work Card Information” – Choose the option to access the next page — Enter your data such as work card number, person`s code, date of birth and nationality — once the system finds your information, you`ll be brought to the next page – Look at your work card contract online. The card will have a validity date Hello Sir Good evening I can have my copy of employment contract 7. If the system is able to find your information, it will display the page if you can view your UAE employment contract online. You can get an idea of what the condition is and know what type of contract you have. Thanks to the efforts of Tasheel, a government-supported online system, work processes in the Uae improve over time. You can make a transaction, register a claim and apply for a work permit online via Tasheel. This is a department service for each agency that wishes to obtain a new electronic employment contract and a two-year licence.